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Public Programming


Director of Programming

Providence Athenæum

2016 - 2018

After serving on the Board of Directors, Strategic Program Planning Committee co-chair, and the Interim Director, I became the Director of Programming at a pivotal moment within the organization. Long before demands for change persisted in 2020, there lay a strong realization to change the manner in which seemingly privileged 19th-century institutions positioned themselves within their communities. My work here created programs addressing access within the Providence community focusing on diversifying audiences in age, economic, and cultural backgrounds. 
I directed creative vision and implementation for weekly public programs featuring international writers, designers, curators, scientists, scholars, historians, and cultural leaders. Programming and outreach initiatives increased membership, donations, community partnerships, audience diversification, and board participation. Programs piloted included an under-35 members access program, The Contemporaries; Jazz at the ATH; weekly salon podcasts; social justice programming, and RI Public Radio community micro-memoir events.


Creator | Producer

2017 - 2019

A citywide ‘pop-up’ speaker series co-created to emphasize unique perspectives of makers and thinkers throughout Rhode Island’s design, theater, politics, literature, arts and cultural heritage communities. Inspired from the definition of the Japanese origami folding technique - to transform a flat plane when folded, two planes become parallel - The Fold | PVD presented diverse dialogues in new spaces throughout Providence, RI for those wanting to connect to new people and ideas.  Ranging from intimate community conversations to participatory programming, events included community conversations, walking tours,  jazz nights, happy hours, and networking events.
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