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Art + Design Documentary Series

2020 - 2023

Providence, RI

Producer | Director | Camera | Editor 

Holly Gaboriault

Original Soundtrack Artists

Skylar Batz  |  Mike Delick 

Antonio Forte  |  Tony Kenner  

RISD Research Perspectives

Commissioned by the Research Office at Rhode Island School of Design, the RISD Research Perspectives video series provided a platform to engage in dialogues about cultural and historical scholarship within the RISD art and design community.


Begun during the COVID-19 pandemic, these individual featurettes are insightful portraits featuring both students and faculty and the ways they advance the exploration of materials, techniques, disciplinary boundaries and contexts for social responsibility.

Anne West | RISD Research Perspectives
RISD Research

Anne West | RISD Research Perspectives

Since arriving at RISD in 1996, Anne West has transformed the landscape of graduate thesis writing across departments. Throughout her tenure as instructor, thesis advisor, critic, and faculty mentor, West has created a pedagogy centered around encouraging artists and designers to probe their practice and find new ways to articulate an individual voice. She is widely recognized nationally and internationally for her work in the area of writing and creative practice, including her book Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work (Moth Press, 2011), and earned the John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching at RISD in 2012. In 2010, West began curating the Graduate Thesis Biennial exhibitions which showcase graduate thesis writing and intersectional research processes contributing to the RISD Graduate thesis book. The 2023 exhibition, Interior Atlas: Ways of Research, investigates how the practice of inquiry is made visible (or makes visible the practice of thesis inquiry). It features the ‘thoughtscapes’ of nine graduate thesis writers (2021-2023) selected from various programs at RISD. The Graduate Thesis Biennial shows us that research has no parameters for artists and designers — they continue to define them. This series highlights the intersections of art, design, theory, social justice and research within the RISD community, its faculty and students. Written | Directed | Edited by Holly Gaboriault [MA Global Arts + Cultures '21]
 Original Music by Mike Delick 
Music Supervision by Elementary Music
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