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RISD Research Perspectives

Project Category

Documentary film  |  Arts + Culture

Design research


2019 - 2022


RISD Research Office


Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Researcher | Producer | Director | Camera | Editor 

Holly Gaboriault

Original Soundtrack

Skylar Batz  |  Antonio Forte  |  Tony Kenner

Created for the Research Office at Rhode Island School of Design, the Perspectives video series provided a platform to engage in dialogues about cultural and historical scholarship within the RISD art and design community.


Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, these individual featurettes are insightful portraits featuring both students and faculty and the ways they advance the exploration of materials, techniques, disciplinary boundaries and contexts for social responsibility.

Artists + designers featured include: Hammad Abid, Bhen Alan, Rafael Attias, Matt Bird, Jess Brown, Jonathan Mark Jackson, Felipe Shibuya, and Wei Zhang. Curatorial features include the Museum of Art, RISD with Laurie Brewer, Kate Irvin, and Tayana Fincher.

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