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For over seventeen years, I have provided narrative and strategic content consultation for artists, designers, studios, educational and cultural institutions. Within my career, I have worked as an Art Director, Director of Public Programming, documentary filmmaker, design journalist, curator, lecturer, and exhibiting artist. Incorporating film and media strategies, I produce storytelling initiatives, public programming, and both archival and collection-based research projects that broaden diversity, open up dialogues for hidden histories and bridge community storytelling. 

Media Production
  • Provide video + film conception, research, direction, editing, production + soundtracking.

  • Long + short-form documentaries that illuminate the voices of creative thinkers.

  • Films range in scope from narrative projects, presentations, community initiatives, and exhibition projection + soundscaping.

Narrative Consulting
  • Work with cultural, institutional,, nonprofit organizations + individuals to direct their narratives in design research and equity initiatives.

  • Creative strategies focus on diversified immersive storytelling, community building initiatives, media + public programming.

  • Exploring new interpretations + presentations of engaging with larger concepts + themes.

  • Develop new encounters with people, objects, ideas, archives + spaces through programming, film, lectures, podcasting, exhibitions, publications +  programming.

  • Outcomes intend to inspire new audiences + reveal stories unseen.



The focus of my work prioritizes developing storylines and projects around equity, identity, issues persistent in global cultural, and community sustainability. Each story should ultimately welcome convergent dialogues allowing for new connections and supportive discourses through multiple interdisciplinary channels for maximum relatability.

My concerns center upon how people are addressing narrative transparency, equity and representation to discuss the immediate concerns of today. The ways we can reframe narrative enables the interactions that can happen, which can lead us to real change.



Studio Views: Bhen Alan

Film featurette highlighting the immersive paintings, weavings + installations of Filipino-American artist Bhen Alan MFA PT'22 for the December 2021 RISD Research Perspectives.


Studio Views: Lilly E. Manycolors

2022 RISD Research Perspectives feature exploring the visual interventions thru indigenous creation story paintings + performances by artist Lilly E. Manycolors MA GAC'22. 


RISD Archives Magnetic Film

Preservation Project

Film series highlighting digitizing + archiving historic recordings of RISD events, lectures + interviews from the 1980s +1990s by legendary artists, writers, designers, + global activists.

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