Leo Narducci Archive


Providence, RI | New York, NY



After filming fashion designer Leo Narcucci for the RI Art Archive Project, I began cataloging his archive and working on an oral history project, which created an upcoming book project, Design According to Leo Narducci. The Leo Narducci archive offers a glimpse into the fashion world of the 1960s and 1970s, in which Leo’s life and career in fashion serves as a vehicle guiding the reader through the rise of the Young American designers, the American sportswear evolution on Seventh Avenue and its garment industry history.

Leo has maintained decades of presence in the fashion world, continues to invent clothing and accessories and foster new relationships in business while mentoring aspiring young designers. His intention to become infamous never eclipsed his focus on his design, a lesson about the power of creative conviction + longevity by one of the most significant designers of the day.