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Reimaging  |  Reframing  |  Revealing

how we tell our stories

Crafting stories exploring the human experience is crucial in understanding and connecting to our complex world; and no two stories are alike. The global pandemic has impacted us in ways we could never have imagined. One indisputable fact is that we need stories to identify with one another - now more than ever. 


Stories connect to inspire and developing new thought provoking tools that enable audiences think differently. Storytelling stimulates curiosity, breaks down complex ideas for understanding, reveals unseen perspectives, reveals hidden histories, and expands spaces for activating change. Strategic design narratives communicates vision, why you create and what makes you unique. My work seeks to tell the multiphonic stories of artists, designers, changemakers and space changers as they move beyond the boundaries of disciplines and disrupt dominant narratives to shape and shift the future. 



Providing concept development and production for narrative features and series which illuminate creative voices, spaces, and histories with clients ranging from cultural and educational institutions, nonprofits, historical archives and museums.

  • Script to screen production, including development of narrative scope, interviews, direction, editing, and audio engineering.

  • Direct collaborations for original soundtracking.

  • Produce original media for exhibition projection and gallery soundscaping.

Film Sevices



A story that connects with a viewer has the power to inspire, energize, and help audiences connect to an idea or place. Crafting strategic narrative vehicles can assist in defining a vision, communicating a strategy, and developing a deeper understanding for a person, subject, project, organization, a collection, or archive.

  • Design a strategy to position a story or project by proposing comprehensive ideas and themes aligned with a client's strategic plans.

  • Build new media experiences with archival and visual content exploring dynamic interpretations for new creative work: It explains why you exist and what makes you unique.

  • Writing and consulting services for artists, galleries, nonprofit organizations, art and cultural institutions.

Consultatin Services



Curating stories in a wide range of spaces and topics, from the visual (exhibitions and archival displays) to the programmatic (lecture series, film screenings, and artist talks). Collaborations with interdisciplinary partners expand audiences and build stronger community connections.

  • Conceptualize, research, and plan 12-24 month exhibitions and public programming calendars.

  • Assemble promotional information, including design for marketing and printed materials.

  • Write curatorial text for the exhibition labels, and artist bios; scheduling installation; work with exhibition and programming budgets.

Curation Sevices



Incorporating a range of interdisciplinary methods and methods for researching, analyzing, and interpreting design culture's environmental and cultural effects. Through human-centered research, insights discovered  contribute to all phases of the design process for multi-layered storytelling.

  • Design and plan creative research, including screeners, field and discussion guides, etc.

  • Examine where the complexities of history activate museum collections and archival spaces to uncover hidden or disregarded histories.

  • Make research findings relevant and impactful for design through a variety of formats including videos, experience, programming, and exhibits.




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