Hard Hats and Embroidery:

Theory + History of Art + Design, Liberal Arts 
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI


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Red Wall & Stairs

Katarina Burin

Brown University, Providence, RI
Pre-College Summer Studies


Female Forces: Hidden Histories in Art and Design 

Brown University, Providence, RI
Pre-College Summer Studies

Women make up over half of designers working today, yet gender bias continues to alter the historical canon of female contribution within art and design. Just as Beyonce proclaimed that a woman’s “persuasion can build a nation”, women have contributed to a design ecosystem creating many of the objects we use, the items we wear, and the spaces we live in. This course reclaims the histories of female designers responsible for pioneering architecture, industrial design, graphics, illustration, fashion, and film. Particular attention is given to the creative work of female artists marginalized by gender, race, or ethnicity globally throughout the Twentieth century. If you know where to look, the story of design is saturated with stories of women with extraordinary legacies which paved the way for generations in art and design, many of whom continue to influence us today.

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