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22023 Graduate Biennial

Sol Koffler Gallery • Rhode Island School of Design

September 7, 2023 - October 12, 2023

RISD grad biennial.png

Curated in collaboration with Anne West

The 2023 Graduate Biennial exhibition, INTERIOR ATLAS: WAYS OF RESEARCH, investigates how to make the practice of inquiry visible by featuring the ‘thoughtscapes’ of nine graduate thesis writers selected from various programs at RISD. Through mechanisms of mapping, the artists featured in this exhibition propose new ways of perceiving the natural world, extend the human body into sonic space, give voice to protest, and interrogate the role of images in constructing and reconstructing identity.


The exhibition illuminates what is required to inhabit these mental cosmologies in the dynamic intersections of examination, intervention, and associative links across historical, archival, oral, phenomenological, material, and cultural sources. Within these paths of research, space is open to probe questions, explore unexpected dialogues, and allow for assumptions to unravel, shift and reorder. Research has no parameters for artists and designers; they continue to define them.

Featured Artists

Charged with the intention of opening  new conversations, the synergy of interior mapping operates as a constructive tool for spurring the development of work, and the activation of content and message. Connections emerge and are understood together through slowly evolving paths of research that combine the speculative, experiential, experimental, and the analytical. Poised between knowing and not knowing, these practices of connection - often nonlinear - reveal different methodologies for engaging multiple and nontraditional sources in order to lean into ideas and concepts.

It takes a village to make any exhibition. Special thanks to designer Lydia Chodosh (MFA Graphic Design ‘24), Mark Moscone (Director of Campus Exhibitions), Gunnar Norquist and Kevin Hughes (Campus Exhibitions), + Hasan Askari (Concept Link).

Artist Bios

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