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Newport Art Museum

May 6, 2023 - October 15, 2023

DressCode_Newport Art Museum 6.jpeg

Curated in collaboration with Megan Horn

Clothing and personal style are like a language that can shape how we are seen. Without a doubt, both can be tools for personal expression, camouflage, or even protective armor. Within the language of getting dressed, garments carry connotations of gender, class, and cultural identity. How does the act of getting dressed involves negotiating codes each day , whether consciously or not? What are the social norms to dressing 'feminine' or 'masculine'? How does the body become a political and social site for challenging who holds the authority to determine these codes?


“Dress Code” brings together emerging, mid-career, and established artists who explore how fashion functions as a language for personal expression where articles of clothing are like a broad vocabulary carrying weights of meanings. Through fashion design, photography, performance, and new media these artists reveal the power of our multilayered relationships to clothing while offering new ways of expressing materiality, identity and the body. By breaking the “norms” of dress, the artists in this exhibition present their bodies and selves on their own terms.

Featured Artists

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